November 22nd, 2018


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Every time I think of writing in here, I get overwhelmed because of how much time has passed. I guess I don't need to get through every possible milestone but it would be nice to have down. I've been keeping a pen and paper journal because it can't be good for your eyes to always be in front of a screen, whether it is school, work, or downtime.

Sometimes I think nothing out of the ordinary has changed, besides my age (I'm still trying to adjust to now being a 30-something. I'm still in denial. How did that happen?), but that's not entirely true. I finally finished school. FINALLY! I got all the degrees that always felt like a far-off dream, including my master's and I'm now working full time in the actual field I went to school for. Who'd have thunk it? Dreams do come true, I guess. It's not the final stop but it's in the field and I'm happy to be getting a real paycheck with benefits and can save properly and pay off my loans (rather aggressively, if I do say so myself) and even splurge on an item or two (still trying to be ok with doing that once in a while but I still have poor person/unemployed person mentality). Prior to Sunday, I'd have said things are just about the same elsewhere but I'm actually not sure yet so I can't even give a proper update on that. I know I'm very likely speaking out to avoid and I miss when this place was quite the place to be but I can't lie and say I haven't been sucked into other parts of the internet. I come here usually to see celeb gossip so I never really abandoned LJ. It would be far too sad to do so because it's got way too much info about myself on here and I got to stay in contact with so many nice people.

But it's nice to type here again. I wish I could say for certain that it would be more often but I really don't know. I haven't been consistent with my pen-and-paper journal so I can't say how likely it may be.
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