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Back to the books

I should be doing a quick reading and typing up a summary and showering but I might as well do this.

School started last week Monday. So far, so good. It's also a week into it so I'm sure I'll be bitching and complaining long before the semester is over. I guess because it's been a good 3 years since I graduated, I'm feeling particularly more focused than I was when I did this the first time around. Also, I don't feel so bogged down with depression as I was back then. Not to say that things are 100% peachy but considering how good I have it at the moment, I can't complain. I might even get a position with work study so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for sure that my hours work out with the counseling center. I know it will be mostly front desk stuff, which I'm rather fluent in but I'm still happy for something with a paycheck. Amen and hallelujah.

Part of me wants to get on with the social work courses but I shouldn't rush things. If the plan goes accordingly, I'll be in school until at least 30 or so since grad school will be eating my time. I just want to do well to get into the social work school in the city since it's so competitive and really, really good in that arena. Baby steps, I suppose. I'm sure in 3 years I'll be crying at all of this. I'm almost 26 and I definitely feel like I should be on a career path already. Not to say odd jobs aren't fun - they make for fabulous conversation pieces - but it definitely feels like it's time, you know? Also, sometimes Facebook doesn't make things better, from a self-esteem standpoint. I'm always happy to see former classmates do well, especially if they were some of the nicer ones to you back in the day. I guess it's better to have some kind of motivation then none at all. I know the folks are probably still hoping that I might change my mind and do nursing or something related but I guess they'll have to deal. I'll get that financial stability one way or another, even if it's not the way they hoped. At the very least, they should be proud that I'm back in school. It'd be pretty cool to be the first in my family to get that 2nd degree and that master's. The thought makes me smile.


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