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Summer has been rather nice to me. I haven't even minded the heat all that much. It's part of the deal, I suppose. As for life lately, I could probably complain but the way I'm looking at it is that I've got at least 2 out of 3 things going in my favor, I shouldn't bitch too much, even if I obsess about it my head on a constant basis.

Kind of excited to be going back to school though I know I'll be bitching about that within weeks of starting. I'll have the benefit of being a bit older and having taken a few years off. I also got awarded work-study so I'll have something of a steady income until the money is done. Ah, to have an income again, no matter how limited or small. It's gonna be nice to not pinch pennies too much. In the meantime, I'll continue to soak up whatever knowledge I can at my internship. It is actually pretty interesting despite having to obvious intern-y things.

Health is lovely too (knocking on wood as I type this) and there's a roof over my head. I even met up with an old classmate and his fiance in the city and it was so much fun, even if we were all melting. I haven't seen them since last summer though we've spoken and they just got engaged. It was fun and needed and it was almost like being on an inspirational talk show without the audience or the cameras or the fact that it would have been locally, regionally, or nationally televised.

The love life is still a bit a disaster in all honesty but that will work itself out eventually as things tend to do. Definitely wish it was sooner rather than later but what fun would that be? I was advised to do better, obviously, and I know I will and I hope so for my own sake. I can't wait to say that everything is even and stable but the moment that happens the universe like to mess with us mere mortals. Too much stability is some kind of beacon, apparently.

I'm trying to get back into my hobbies and I think that I'm cleaning up my life, slowly but surely, I'll be able to do it. Even writing is getting better and less of a chore or a block. Now, if I could just go to sleep like a normal person and stop depriving myself of my needed 6-8 hours.

Also, as something that means nothing to anyone else, this blog turned 10 years old on the 14th. Can't believe I've been blogging here that long. It's been over 11 years really but LJ has been quite the mainstay and archive library. Whew, life, stop moving so fast.

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