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The Strivers Row

So about two or three weeks ago, I got into some terrible altercation that caused me to become the stereotypical black woman I've tried my damnedest to avoid. I planned on writing it down here. I'm happy I didn't because I've gotten a much better memory to overwrite that.

Thank goodness for holding out. Last Friday I went to a slam poetry showcase. It was amazing. The fact that it's nearly a whole week later and I still feel the awesomeness of it is beautifully amazing. I invited a cousin and a friend of mine but they, for whatever reason, couldn't get back to me so I went by myself. It's fine really. Seeing as how I need to make new friends and I need to learn to force myself to go to things alone now that I'm newly unattached (it's still a weird thing to come to terms with, let alone say or write), this was a good first experiment. There was a group of poets that I found that made me want to go in particular. I'm sure those of you on Facebook see how much I put their videos up. Since I found them in January I've been looking like a fiend to see where they might perform around here. Thank God almighty because a few of them performed at BAM. I'm doubly lucky because of the fact that the ticket was rather inexpensive. Sure, as someone who's bank account is hemorrhaging to $0, it was definitely something to bit my nails over but seeing as I had a crappy birthday and a less-than-eventful Christmas, even for myself, I figured why not give myself something as a gift despite the time of year it is. Seriously, it was so freaking worth it. It was like seeing a celebrity for me. I'm not even one for celebrities but these people are so inspiring. I wish I could be so brave and so elaborate to do what they do but I appreciate the fact that they can and say what I can't put into words so many times. I think the best part was that I was able to met two of them after the show and one of them even gave me a hug! Just writing and thinking about it is giving me the Kool-Aid smile. I just wish I said something slightly more intelligent. I had a whole thing planned to make myself sound better than I came across but the fact that I somehow overcame my shyness and introduced myself is A+ credit alone. I really hope they come back to NY during the summer. I'll be sure to beg and plead and bargain with someone for some money if I'm not working by then.

So I'll spam at the videos that two of the performers recited at the showcase here and maybe you all will like it just as much as I do. And if not, well, at least you dipped your palette into something new, yes?

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