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Above water

I should have started classes last Friday but financial aid and loans didn't come through. To say that I'm trying to keep my head above is not a phrase that's accurately doing my feelings justice. My mother was even willing to put the cost of my tuition on her card until my loan came through and I would pay her back with the money I received. However, because the universe is so hilarious, the school doesn't accept Visa. Really, all you can do is laugh in frustration at that point.

Amazingly, I'm not still under my covers and eat everything that's unhealthy under the sun (though I've indulged, trust me). I can hardly do the hobbies that are usually relaxing to me. I'm still struggling through my next sims post and goodness knows when I've last turned on my consoles. I hate that I got so ahead of myself and I got super excited. I know it's all a part of life's many disappointments but I've been so idle in my life for so long that I didn't think it was possible for me to feel even more put down, at least in this department. Even looking at the loan application is daunting. They want references, from family members I think, that aren't anywhere near me. I'd love to know why but this is the American school system after all. God help us if they ever want to make something like education over money a priority.

Still handing in my name, number, and resume to anyone willing to look at it. May go out today and try and find something today but I might be on a cake hunt since my mother and her friends are thinking of throwing my dad a little post-birthday surprise party get together thing. Cake is always good, I guess.
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