Reality is overrated

Love, Beans
26 September 1986
Winfield Township
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Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School - Brooklyn NY (2000 - 2004)
City University of New York, York College - Queens NY (2012 present)
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anime, bleach, body image, books, brooklyn, cake, chocolate, computers, cookies, cowboy bebop, cuddling, deception pass, depression, dragonball z, final fantasy, hair care, hugs, human rights, ice cream, japan, kisses, losing weight, love, meditation, mental health, music, new york city, new york yankees, penguins, photography, poetry, psychology, reading, rpgs, sex and the city, sleeping, spirituality, the glass daisy, the sims 2, tolerance, video games, women's rights, writing
26. Second-degree student. Daydreamer. Observer. Introvert. Smart alleck.

Always looking for a little bit of adventure though it seems to be avoiding me most of the time. Spectacularly boring but I do have moments that are amusing, to say the least. Not much here but if you wish to add me to your list, feel free.

Finding myself to be a ridiculous girl, believing ridiculous things, hoping for something more earnest, more credible, and hoping for anyone or anything brave enough to follow.

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